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Oil Loading Arms

Our Marine Loading Arms (MLAs) are designed as a function of the following criteria:
•  The tonnage of the vessels and variations in water levels to determine the length, which can vary between 10 and 35 m or other length for a custom designed terminal.
•  The flow rate of the products to be transferred which determines diameter, which can carry between 6" and 24".
•  The type and temperature to be transferred, which determine materials:
•  Carbon steel for crude oil, Bunker and Diesel
•  Stainless steel for corrosive product

Our MLAs can be equipped with three hydraulic driving assemblies for independent movement of the inboard arm, outboard arm and the slewing movement around its vertical axis. The three cylinders are operated by an electro/hydraulic control console with stationary push button panel. A portal remote control system can also be installed permitting the operator to control the arm movements from other points of the jetty or from tanker's deck.

The our model can be equipped with double ball valve or double disk valve/emergency release coupling (DBV/ERC, DDV/ERC) which are automatically actuated when the tanker manifold flange to which the loading arm is connected moves outside the predetermined working and safety envelope.

Our MLAs can also be equipped with QC/DC is easily positioned and hydraulically connected to the ship's manifold in a matter of seconds.