» About JDEVS

JDEVS is an iranian scientific, engineering and production organization which has been established in 1980. JDEVS is mainly involved in technical and industrial activities in the fields of electrical, mechanical, civil and architecture engineering. JDEVS is a leading manufacturer of industrial power Supplies, power protection system, high voltage test equipment and air pollution control systems. JDEVS benefits from the most skillful and high level educated experts, that enables JDEVS to implement all its job in best manner and to ensure meeting customer expectations.

JDEVS and it’s affiliated company (Fajr-e-tosea) have 415 well trained personnel from high level of education (Ph.D) to technicians and services people. The principal market for JDEVS products are the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, power plants, cement, ferrous and non ferrous and metallurgical plants. JDEVS is expanding its activities and becoming more involved in oil, gas and petrochemical projects and railway transportation on EPC and turnkey basis, in joint work with Fajre-e-Toseah consultants  engineering company. JDEVS is also having a joint cooperation with FLS-airtech of denmark for air pollution control systems. .